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Walker County

is a family band that hails from Sulphur Springs, IN and will amaze you. At lead vocals, Ivy Dene Walker, 19 years old, is a power-house with an outstanding range. Little sis, Sophie Dawn Walker, at age 16 plays the drums and harmonizes beautifully with her sister. This is a combo you don't want to miss! Ivy Dene and Sophie Dawn's dad, Billy Walker, plays lead guitar. This whole family combined is a pure delight to watch on stage. Walker County brings soulfulness with an underlying tone of southern rock  and traditional country that will bring you to the roots of this family tree. When Walker County starts to play people stop in their tracks and Ivy Dene's voice turns heads. Walker County as a band has been embraced by all who listen.


  • Wishing For You Teaser0:51
  • Depths Of My Love Teaser1:27
  • Sky's Gonna Drop Teaser0:28
  • Til' You Rolled Through Teaser0:54
  • Only In My Dreams Teaser1:28
  • Cowboy Song Teaser0:44

Walker County's New Music Video "Til' You Rolled Through"